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NeuroValida specializes in using adult human brain tissue microarray to validate CNS drug targets. We offer tailored human brain tissue microarray services including case selection, tissue microarray construction, immunohistochemistry and other assays, image processing and data analysis. We perform all aspects of data interpretation, MetaMorph® journal development and write comprehensive reports describing the findings from the arrays.

CNS Drug Target Discovery
CNS Drug Target Validation and Mapping
Mechanism of Action Studies
Neuroscience Services

Who can benefit from Neurovalida?

Scientists - During drug discovery and development, scientists engaged in animal research can benefit from NeuroValida by early drug target in human brain for go – no go assessment.

Early-stage start-ups - Information regarding drug target validation in human brain tissue and/or efficacy/mode of action data on human brain cells would enhance drug portfolios for early-stage start-ups.

Researchers - NeuroValida can benefit researchers by providing a broad neuroscience input on their projects. Human brain data would greatly enhance the impact of animal-based studies for academic researchers, thereby increasing the chances of publication in high impact factor journals.

AI companies - Companies engaged in generative AI for drug target identification would enhance their portfolio with validation of targets in human brain.

 Investors - Investors can benefit from NeuroValida by early risk assessment of a CNS portfolio including early drug target validation in human brain tissue and/or mode of action data on human brain cells.

Ultimately drug target validation studies on the human brain and/or efficacy/mode of action studies using human brain cells will help the clinical translation process.