CNS Drug Target Validation



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Using pre-made or custom made tissue microarrays we can provide this service to localise your target of interest at the cellular and sub-cellular level in normal and diseased human brain cores from varied brain regions

We have pre-made tissue microarrays for a number of disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Motor neurone disease with control cores for each array. 

For example, we have a pre-made tissue microarray containing the middle temporal gyrus from 29 neurologically normal controls and 29 Alzheimer’s disease donors arrayed on 1 slide. 

We can also construct customised tissue microarrays according to the clients requirement. We use immunohistochemical localisation with target-specific antibodies on arrays, followed by image acquisition and analysis. 

Antibody specificity can be assessed using blocking peptides, if available, as well as western blotting on human brain tissue. qRT-PCR services for mRNA target validation in human brain are also available if requested to further validate the client’s drug target. 

In most cases the client is sent high resolution digitized images of their target in human brain and a detailed report of our analysis by scientists from the research team.